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  • sigis-finest-uk-collection

    Sigi's Finest UK Collection

    pro IR series of very rare and vintage cabinets.

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  • We provide guitar cabinet impulse responses with the highest & most accurate quality available on the market.
  • IR libraries of the finest, most rare, and vintage guitar cabinets you’ll find. Easy to use, `plug&play` but with all options when needed!
  • Our speaker impulses give you the speaker cabinet comprehensively in all aspects with a wide range of sound flavours.

Welcome to cabIR.eu

Home of the best guitar speaker cabinet impulse responses available on the market!

Our IR-libraries provide all Hard- & Software Amp Modeler platforms:

It`s the Cab, stupid! Don`t underrate it! Play & feel the real thing!

Fractal Audio Systems Axe-Fx & AX8, Line6 Helix, Atomic Amplifire, Yamaha THR-Serie, Two-Notes Torpedo, Kemper Profiler, AMT Pangaea, Headrush Pedalboard. Software Amp-Modeller wie PositiveGrid BIAS, IK Multimedia Amplitube, Native Instruments Guitar Rig, Peavey Revalver and many more.