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based on a ’71 Marshall™ 2096 guitar cabinet, loaded with Celestion™ G12-H30™ „pulsonic cone“ speaker from 1971.

Included in the UK Triple Collection VOL.1 with +33% OFF.

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Feature-Setpro IR series
Based onMarshall™ 2069
SpeakerCelestion™ G12H30
IR quantity644
Used microphonesShure™ SM57; Sennheiser™ e906; Sennheiser™ MD421; AKG™ C414 XLS; sE Electronics™ X1R; Shure™ SM7B; Sennheiser™ MD441; Behringer™ ECM8000; AKG™ C451
Power Amp voicingIdealized-NULL-Amp; Push-Amp; Tube-Amp
IR formats.WAV exclusive - 170ms/500ms: 44.1kHz-16bit | 44.1kHz-24bit | 48kHz-16bit | 48kHz-24bit | 96kHz-24bit
Hard- & Software platforms supportetFractalaudio™ Axe-Fx II /XL, AX8 | Line6™ Helix | Atomic™ Amplifire | Yamaha™ THR100H /HD | Two-Notes™ Torpedo | AMT™ Pangaea | Logidy™ Epsi | Headrush™ Pedalboard | All software based Amp modeler | All convolution host platforms | and many more

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This IR library is included in the UK Triple Collection VOL.1 with +33% OFF.

...some specs about the cab

This cab from the Artiste™-series, made in 1971, is an absolute rarity. In those days Marshall tried to develop extra versatile models for expanded target audiences.

Despite the fact, that the Artiste™-amps were not really accepted at all, the oversized, but slim cabs, loaded with Celestion™ G12-H30™ speakers, really shine.

Using a bigger and more powerful magnet than the G12-M25™, this cab can handle a power rating of 120 watts. This cab is surprisingly balanced and very vesatile for many different styles.

This cab works perfect for Classic Rock, Hard Rock und Blues.

  • Lots of options, huh? Dude, we PROMISE: You won`t be overwhelmed! All `pro IR series` libraries provide QUICK SATISFACTION and EASINESS just as well as all the options, PRO USERS may looking for! LEARN MORE how to NAVIGATE and find YOUR IR complement FAST & PRODUCTIVE for your individual signal chain on the FOLLOWING SLIDES!

    pro IR series - feature set & IR structure

  • Just listen to the 5 `I_dealized NULL Amp` MULTI mix IRs (appendix _I). STAY with the one, you LIKE most. CONGRATS - you`re DONE! QUICK & EASY, right? The OVERVIEW folder recap all the well balanced MULTI mix IR representations of the whole guitar CAB or individual speaker A, B, C & D.

    Start from the OVERVIEW folder! Don`t wonder, if your search ends right here!

  • Just jump DIRECTLY into the MIX folder of your prefered Speaker A, B, C, D or the whole CAB, if you MAY WANT try some more flavours of your mostly liked MULTI IR.

    Favor Speaker A? Ready for some more flavours?

  • The MIX-Speaker folders contain 30 BY EAR selected microphone PAIRS.

    ... or IR mixes from speaker B?

  • The `M` in front of the two digits stands for MPT (minimal phase transform). Those 15 MPT mixes each MIX-Speaker folder provide are perfectly time aligned and support generally a more OPEN & DIRECT `in your face` sound, like a single miced cabinet will do.

    ... or IR mixes from speaker C?

  • The `R` in front of the two digits stands for RAW (including real phase & authentic running time). Those 15 RAW mixes each MIX-Speaker folder provide will have in general a SMOOTHER top-end and can be rich of `CHARACTER`.

    ... or IR mixes from speaker D?

  • The MIX-Cabinet folder include mix IRs including ALL speakers of the cabinet. Beside the MULTI mix, you`ll find mixes with certain microphones. You want the whole CAB, but exclusive captured from f. ex. the Shure™ SM57? Here you`ll find it... also again: MPT & RAW variants available.

    ... or whole CAB mixes?

  • Sometimes, just a SINGLE-MIC will do the TRICK! The simplicity of a `ROUGH`, `CUTTING THRU` single Shure™ SM57 in front of the guitar cabinet is demonstrated a million times on all stages of the planet. Well, here you`ll find it. Or...

    Simply looking for a SINGLE-MIC IR?

  • ... take the SINGLE-MIC folders as your source for your OWN IR mixes. Use the MPT folder to mix perfectly time aligned WITHOUT any PHASE ISSUES. Experiment with the RAW variants, if you`re looking for minor real phase cancelations, which can result in more `CHARACTER` and `TOP-END ROLL OFF` effects. As mixing actual guitar cabinets in the Studio.

    Want mixing your individual IR? SINGLE-MICs in MPT & RAW offers all options!

  • You might have seen the REAR & ROOM IRs in the SINGLE-MIC folders? Overlooked? Scroll back and take a look :) The 5 AMBIENCE Stereo Pairs (L_eft + R_right) include CLOSE-MIC + ROOM-MIC + REAR-MIC. Take those as examples, what you could do for your individual mixes, to get some "room in your IN-EAR" fun ...

    Looking for STEREO Ambience?

  • 5 SIGNATURE mixes from Artists Anand Mahangoe (AM) and Thibault de Robillard (TR) as `add-on`. Try it! Perhaps you missed something, if not ...

    We added some SIGNATURE mixes as well!

Manuals - pro IR series - IR-formats - MR-ART71 Speaker-Cab Impulse-Responses USER-GUIDE



Construction4x12" straight box, closed design, oversized
Time of production1973-77
Year of manufacture1971
Power rating / Watt/Watt120W
Resonance frequency in Hz110 Hz
CommentArtiste™ series, oversized, but very slim cab

ModelG12H30™ (Greenbacks)
Year of manufacture1971
Power rating / Watt30W
CommentPulsonic Cone, Greenbacks



Excellent cabinet, classic sound

I've tried a lot of Marshall type cabinets lately with my Strymon Iridiuim, and this one is my favorite. It has a very "finished" sound to it, like it came straight out of a 1970s recording studio. Pick attack is slightly softened, and harmonics really sing in the mids and highs. This is definitely a vintage sound, not for modern or metal. Plenty of great mics and mixes in this pack, but my favorite in particular is the "MR_ART71_SIG_02_AM" signature file by Anand Mahangoe.

  • 3 out of 3 people found this review useful.

Classic Greenback Sound!

I am absolutely in love with this cab IR. For years I thought I was an M magnet kind of guy, but the G12-H30 has quickly become a favorite. Just has that perfect combo of highs and lows, with a biting edge without excessive harshness. And you guys did a tremendous job with capturing the tone of the cab with a fantastic selection of quality, legendary mics! My favorite is still the SM57!

  • 3 out of 3 people found this review useful.

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based on a ’71 Marshall™ 2096 guitar cabinet, loaded with Celestion™ G12-H30™ „pulsonic cone“ speaker from 1971.

Included in the UK Triple Collection VOL.1 with +33% OFF.