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basierend auf einer `71er Marshall™ 2069 Gitarrenbox mit Celestion™ G12H30 „pulsonic cone“ Speakern von 1971.

Enthalten in der UK Triple Collection VOL.1 mit +33% Preisvorteil.

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Technische Daten

Feature-Setpro IR series
Basierend aufMarshall™ 2069
SpeakerCelestion™ G12H30
IR Anzahl644
Verwendete MikrophoneShure™ SM57; Sennheiser™ e906; Sennheiser™ MD421; AKG™ C414 XLS; sE Electronics™ X1R; Shure™ SM7B; Sennheiser™ MD441; Behringer™ ECM8000; AKG™ C451
Power Amp voicingIdealized-NULL-Amp; Push-Amp; Tube-Amp
IR-Formate.WAV exklusiv - 170ms/500ms: 44.1kHz-16bit | 44.1kHz-24bit | 48kHz-16bit | 48kHz-24bit | 96kHz-24bit
Unterstützte Hard- & Software PlattformenFractalaudio™ Axe-Fx II /XL, AX8 | Line6™ Helix | Atomic™ Amplifire | Yamaha™ THR100H /HD | Two-Notes™ Torpedo | AMT™ Pangaea | Logidy™ Epsi | Headrush™ Pedalboard | Alle Software basierenden Amp Modeller | Alle Convolution Hosts | und viele mehr

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Diese IR-Bibliothek ist in der UK Triple Collection VOL.1 mit +33% Preisvorteil enthalten.

Über die verwendete Gitarrenbox

Das 1971 hergestellte Cab aus der Artiste™-Serie ist eine absolute Rarität.
Damals versuchte man besonders vielseitige Modelle zu entwickeln, um möglichst viele Zielgruppen anzusprechen.

Obwohl weder der cleane noch der verzerrte Sound der Artiste™-Amps auf viel Gegenliebe stoßen, überzeugt diese überdimensioniert hohe, aber schmale Box mit den eingesetzen Celestion™ G12-H30™ Chassis umso mehr.

Durch ein deutlich größeres und belastbareres Magnetsystem als der G12-M25™, erreicht die Box eine Belastbarkeit von stolzen 120 Watt. Klanglich ist sie überraschend ausgewogen und daher für eine vielzahl an Musikstilen einsetzbar. Diese Box eignet sich hervorragend für Classic Rock, Hard Rock und Blues.

  • Lots of options, huh? Dude, we PROMISE: You won`t be overwhelmed! All `pro IR series` libraries provide QUICK SATISFACTION and EASINESS just as well as all the options, PRO USERS may looking for! LEARN MORE how to NAVIGATE and find YOUR IR complement FAST & PRODUCTIVE for your individual signal chain on the FOLLOWING SLIDES!

    pro IR series - feature set & IR structure

  • Just listen to the 5 `I_dealized NULL Amp` MULTI mix IRs (appendix _I). STAY with the one, you LIKE most. CONGRATS - you`re DONE! QUICK & EASY, right? The OVERVIEW folder recap all the well balanced MULTI mix IR representations of the whole guitar CAB or individual speaker A, B, C & D.

    Start from the OVERVIEW folder! Don`t wonder, if your search ends right here!

  • Just jump DIRECTLY into the MIX folder of your prefered Speaker A, B, C, D or the whole CAB, if you MAY WANT try some more flavours of your mostly liked MULTI IR.

    Favor Speaker A? Ready for some more flavours?

  • The MIX-Speaker folders contain 30 BY EAR selected microphone PAIRS.

    ... or IR mixes from speaker B?

  • The `M` in front of the two digits stands for MPT (minimal phase transform). Those 15 MPT mixes each MIX-Speaker folder provide are perfectly time aligned and support generally a more OPEN & DIRECT `in your face` sound, like a single miced cabinet will do.

    ... or IR mixes from speaker C?

  • The `R` in front of the two digits stands for RAW (including real phase & authentic running time). Those 15 RAW mixes each MIX-Speaker folder provide will have in general a SMOOTHER top-end and can be rich of `CHARACTER`.

    ... or IR mixes from speaker D?

  • The MIX-Cabinet folder include mix IRs including ALL speakers of the cabinet. Beside the MULTI mix, you`ll find mixes with certain microphones. You want the whole CAB, but exclusive captured from f. ex. the Shure™ SM57? Here you`ll find it... also again: MPT & RAW variants available.

    ... or whole CAB mixes?

  • Sometimes, just a SINGLE-MIC will do the TRICK! The simplicity of a `ROUGH`, `CUTTING THRU` single Shure™ SM57 in front of the guitar cabinet is demonstrated a million times on all stages of the planet. Well, here you`ll find it. Or...

    Simply looking for a SINGLE-MIC IR?

  • ... take the SINGLE-MIC folders as your source for your OWN IR mixes. Use the MPT folder to mix perfectly time aligned WITHOUT any PHASE ISSUES. Experiment with the RAW variants, if you`re looking for minor real phase cancelations, which can result in more `CHARACTER` and `TOP-END ROLL OFF` effects. As mixing actual guitar cabinets in the Studio.

    Want mixing your individual IR? SINGLE-MICs in MPT & RAW offers all options!

  • You might have seen the REAR & ROOM IRs in the SINGLE-MIC folders? Overlooked? Scroll back and take a look :) The 5 AMBIENCE Stereo Pairs (L_eft + R_right) include CLOSE-MIC + ROOM-MIC + REAR-MIC. Take those as examples, what you could do for your individual mixes, to get some "room in your IN-EAR" fun ...

    Looking for STEREO Ambience?

  • 5 SIGNATURE mixes from Artists Anand Mahangoe (AM) and Thibault de Robillard (TR) as `add-on`. Try it! Perhaps you missed something, if not ...

    We added some SIGNATURE mixes as well!

Manuals - pro IR series - IR-Formate - MR-ART71 Speaker-Cab Impulse-Responses USER-GUIDE



Bauart4x12" straight box, closed design, oversized
Resonanzfrequenz110 Hz
KommentarArtiste Serie, auffällig hohes, aber schlankes Gehäuse

ModellG12H30™ (Greenbacks)
KommentarPulsonic Cone, Greenbacks



Excellent cabinet, classic sound

I've tried a lot of Marshall type cabinets lately with my Strymon Iridiuim, and this one is my favorite. It has a very "finished" sound to it, like it came straight out of a 1970s recording studio. Pick attack is slightly softened, and harmonics really sing in the mids and highs. This is definitely a vintage sound, not for modern or metal. Plenty of great mics and mixes in this pack, but my favorite in particular is the "MR_ART71_SIG_02_AM" signature file by Anand Mahangoe.

  • 3 von 3 Kunden fanden diese Bewertung hilfreich.

Classic Greenback Sound!

I am absolutely in love with this cab IR. For years I thought I was an M magnet kind of guy, but the G12-H30 has quickly become a favorite. Just has that perfect combo of highs and lows, with a biting edge without excessive harshness. And you guys did a tremendous job with capturing the tone of the cab with a fantastic selection of quality, legendary mics! My favorite is still the SM57!

  • 3 von 3 Kunden fanden diese Bewertung hilfreich.

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basierend auf einer `71er Marshall™ 2069 Gitarrenbox mit Celestion™ G12H30 „pulsonic cone“ Speakern von 1971.

Enthalten in der UK Triple Collection VOL.1 mit +33% Preisvorteil.