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based on a `71er Orange™ 4x12“ guitar cabinet, loaded with Celestion™ G12H30 „pulsonic cone“ speakers from 1971.

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Feature-Setpro IR series
Based onOrange™ 4x12"
SpeakerCelestion™ G12H30
IR quantity644
Used microphonesShure™ SM57; Sennheiser™ e906; Sennheiser™ MD421; AKG™ C414 XLS; sE Electronics™ X1R; Shure™ SM7B; Sennheiser™ MD441; Behringer™ ECM8000; AKG™ C451
Power Amp voicingIdealized-NULL-Amp; Push-Amp; Tube-Amp
IR formats.WAV exclusive - 170ms/500ms: 44.1kHz-16bit | 44.1kHz-24bit | 48kHz-16bit | 48kHz-24bit | 96kHz-24bit
Hard- & Software platforms supportetFractalaudio™ Axe-Fx II /XL, AX8 | Line6™ Helix | Atomic™ Amplifire | Yamaha™ THR100H /HD | Two-Notes™ Torpedo | AMT™ Pangaea | Logidy™ Epsi | Headrush™ Pedalboard | All software based Amp modeler | All convolution host platforms | and many more

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...some specs about the cab

Maybe it was „irony of fate”, that we found this extraordinary Orange™ cab in a hidden corner at the German Marshall-Museum ( .

This cab isn‘t just impressive because of it‘s heavy weight and massive construction. It‘s just all about it‘s fantastic sound. Nowadays the current cabs from Orange™ are usually loaded with Vintage 30 or the G12-K100 speakers.

However, this big lady - built in 1971 - got loaded with the legendary G12H30 speakers with „pulsonic cone“ (so-called „Pre-Rola‘s”). In combination with it‘s heavy and oversized cabinet, this baby shines with a very balanced sound, which is suitable for all kinds of musical style from Rock to Metal. It is also a great choice for Blues, Country or even Jazz.

  • Lots of options, huh? Dude, we PROMISE: You won`t be overwhelmed! All `pro IR series` libraries provide QUICK SATISFACTION and EASINESS just as well as all the options, PRO USERS may looking for! LEARN MORE how to NAVIGATE and find YOUR IR complement FAST & PRODUCTIVE for your individual signal chain on the FOLLOWING SLIDES!

    pro IR series - feature set & IR structure

  • Just listen to the 5 `I_dealized NULL Amp` MULTI mix IRs (appendix _I). STAY with the one, you LIKE most. CONGRATS - you`re DONE! QUICK & EASY, right? The OVERVIEW folder recap all the well balanced MULTI mix IR representations of the whole guitar CAB or individual speaker A, B, C & D.

    Start from the OVERVIEW folder! Don`t wonder, if your search ends right here!

  • Just jump DIRECTLY into the MIX folder of your prefered Speaker A, B, C, D or the whole CAB, if you MAY WANT try some more flavours of your mostly liked MULTI IR.

    Favor Speaker A? Ready for some more flavours?

  • The MIX-Speaker folders contain 30 BY EAR selected microphone PAIRS.

    ... or IR mixes from speaker B?

  • The `M` in front of the two digits stands for MPT (minimal phase transform). Those 15 MPT mixes each MIX-Speaker folder provide are perfectly time aligned and support generally a more OPEN & DIRECT `in your face` sound, like a single miced cabinet will do.

    ... or IR mixes from speaker C?

  • The `R` in front of the two digits stands for RAW (including real phase & authentic running time). Those 15 RAW mixes each MIX-Speaker folder provide will have in general a SMOOTHER top-end and can be rich of `CHARACTER`.

    ... or IR mixes from speaker D?

  • The MIX-Cabinet folder include mix IRs including ALL speakers of the cabinet. Beside the MULTI mix, you`ll find mixes with certain microphones. You want the whole CAB, but exclusive captured from f. ex. the Shure™ SM57? Here you`ll find it... also again: MPT & RAW variants available.

    ... or whole CAB mixes?

  • Sometimes, just a SINGLE-MIC will do the TRICK! The simplicity of a `ROUGH`, `CUTTING THRU` single Shure™ SM57 in front of the guitar cabinet is demonstrated a million times on all stages of the planet. Well, here you`ll find it. Or...

    Simply looking for a SINGLE-MIC IR?

  • ... take the SINGLE-MIC folders as your source for your OWN IR mixes. Use the MPT folder to mix perfectly time aligned WITHOUT any PHASE ISSUES. Experiment with the RAW variants, if you`re looking for minor real phase cancelations, which can result in more `CHARACTER` and `TOP-END ROLL OFF` effects. As mixing actual guitar cabinets in the Studio.

    Want mixing your individual IR? SINGLE-MICs in MPT & RAW offers all options!

  • You might have seen the REAR & ROOM IRs in the SINGLE-MIC folders? Overlooked? Scroll back and take a look :) The 5 AMBIENCE Stereo Pairs (L_eft + R_right) include CLOSE-MIC + ROOM-MIC + REAR-MIC. Take those as examples, what you could do for your individual mixes, to get some "room in your IN-EAR" fun ...

    Looking for STEREO Ambience?

  • 5 SIGNATURE mixes from Artists Anand Mahangoe (AM) and Thibault de Robillard (TR) as `add-on`. Try it! Perhaps you missed something, if not ...

    We added some SIGNATURE mixes as well!

Manuals - pro IR series - IR-Formats - OR-4x12 Speaker-Cab Impulse-Responses USER-GUIDE


Thank you Anand Mahangoe for this Video!


Construction4x12“ straight box, closed design, oversized
Time of production-
Year of manufacture1971
Power rating / Watt120W
Resonance frequency in Hz108 Hz
Commentvery heavy and massive cab

ModelG12H30™ (Greenbacks)
Year of manufacture1971
Power rating / Watt30W
CommentPulsonic Cone, Greenbacks



Best Cab IR I Ever Heard!

I have hundreds of IRs on my computer from all the usual suspects, and many from free packs online. Most are crap, frankly. Or require hours of tweaking and mic selecting and positioning to become usable for my taste. This vintage Orange cab with pre-rolas is amazingly balanced, crispy in the cleans and smooth in the crunch. Right out of the box. Set up for me is within minutes, pop in the whole cab multi mixes (trust the professionals), the L/R ambient cab mixes, set both channels to dual mono in my loader, pan one channel hard left, one channel hard right, and I'm ready to play. Best cab IR I ever heard. This cab shines with any style of music. You get the sounds of professionally mic'd cab in minutes. Cabireu goes a cut above with pics, color detailed manual, and mixing options (Null, Push, Tube) and produces the finest quality IRs on the planet, along with Dr. Bonkers. If you can't get this IR to sound good, you might as well quit playing. Classic Orange sound with my favorite speaker, G12H30 pulsonic cones, to boot! Grab it now.


    Sehr empfehlenswert

    Muss auf allen Ebenen ein Lob aussprechen.
    Hab mir dieses Cab von Orange zugelegt für mein Axe Fx 2 XL. Und ich muss sagen der absolute Wahnsinn. Ein enormer Unterschied und genau das was der Qualität noch gefehlt hat und einen enormen Unterschied zu den Standardcabs im Axe. Hätte ich mir nicht gedacht.
    Und: der Kundenservice ist absolut TOP.


      Atomic Amplifire

      The Orange IRs are perfect! My sound is more organic and "real". I have a lot of options! Comparing to other IRs Cab and Amplifire Stock Cab, I can assure that the CABIR is the best. Thanks!


        One word: "WOW"

        Just the title should say it all. Love this amazing cab pack, bases on the 71 Orange 4x12. It's amazing versatile. The sound quality is awsome and it's so balanced and detailed. Just loving it. Bought two packs, started with this one and still playing with this one while the otherone lies on the shelve to wait for more fun. Thnkx Markus.


          work extremely perfect with both my KPA and Helix . it's just up to another level when i switch the preset cab to the cabIR . feeling like a real tube amp!


            One couldn't ask for more. An almost overwhelming amount of individual IR's and carefully created and chosen Mixes. The quality is outstanding. For me, easily within the market leaders (if not more) And all that for a bargain!

            • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

            Klingt einfach nur genial!!)...konnte problemlos im HELIX geladen werden.


              My first Pro Series purchase. Very clean and rocking at the same time. Is this even possible? Yes! It works. This pack convinces me that a cabinet with character and lots of soul can actually be reproduced by IRs very precisely. Very versatile and lots of flavours coming from the great variation of mics, capturing methods and mixes. I could spend months learning this pack seriously without getting bored. But I'm curious what the others have to offer. So I won't stay with this. Can't wait. Thanks to the whole team for digging so deep and never being satisfied.


                Meine erste Box aus der Pro Series. Sehr sauber und trotzdem rotzig ... äähh ... rockig. Geht das überhaupt? Ja! Geht. Dieses Paket ist für mich der Beweis, dass eine charaktervolle Gitarrenbox mit viel Soul durchaus sehr präzise durch IRs abzubilden ist. Dazu extrem vielseitig und durch die vielen Mics, Variationen und Mixe sehr variantenreich. Allein mit diesem Pack könnte ich mich die nächsten Monate ernsthaft auseinandersetzen, ohne dass es langweilig würde. Aber die Neugier auf die anderen Boxen wird es nicht dabei belassen ... Danke an das ganze Team für das Herzblut, dass da drin steckt.


                  the OR4x12G12H30 and the 1960AXG12m25 are my 1st purchase. no need for editing i.e. dephase, motor drive etc, perfect out of the box. load them up and rock! Exactly what i've been looking for. no more wasting time, buy these!


                    Wow, these IRs are the best one that I've ever heard and used. Absolutely amazing. At this point many thanks to you guys from for your fantatstic work. The IRs from takes my AxeFx 2 to the next level.


                      loving the Multi mix Ir's. the sound is huge right out of the box!


                        This is the best sounding IR-pack so far. Can't wait for the other upcoming packs. This cab really works with all kinds of amps And musical style.


                          Richtig knackige IR's. Die Vielfalt an Möglichkeiten mit diesem IR-Pack ist schlichtweg atemberaubend. Meiner Meinung nach mit das Beste, was der Markt bereit hält.


                            Fällt schwer, nicht in Superlative zu verfallen! Die Box hat einen ganz eigenen Sound und die IRs sind eine Klasse für sich. Sie klingen monstermässig gut. Auch die Ausstattung des Pakets ist konkurrenzlos. Bin extrem zufrieden-hier hat sich jeder Cent gelohnt!


                              The cabinet is a sensation and the IRs are a class of their own.-Extremely accurate and versatile, they deliver all Sounds from vintage to modern and from sweet to real evil. With more than 600 IRs including tasteful mixes it´s a gorgeous package worth every cent buying. Got me really addicted-simply can´t stop playing!

                              • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

                              Downloaded them last night and paid with Paypal without any problems. They sound outstanding clear, punchy and not harsh in the highs, even with a lot of treble on the amp sim. I have tried them now with varies different amp sims (Marshall, Friedman, Mr. Z and many more) as different styles like Rock, Blues and Hard Rock. Just amazing. Woth every penny of it. Tony Schaefer


                                Bin eigentlich ein Fan von Marshall Boxen und bin total überrascht wie klar und differenziert diese IR's sind. Egal welches Amp Sim im Axe FX II ich nehme, es klingt saugut. Ich hatte mir je schon vor einem Jahr die Marshall 1960AX IR gekauft und das war schon eins meiner absoluten Favoriten. Aber diese IR's sind noch mal ein "Step forward" - absolut geil! Soundbeispiel mit dem Friedmann BE Amp Sim und 2 Single Mics: Tony Schaefer


                                  Absolutely Top-IR's: clear bottom end, mighty mids and brilliant highs without "fizz". I use them with my AXE FX2 and use there Marshall-Amps (Crunch, Rock), Fender-Amps (Clean, Funk) and Engl-Amps (Lead). Based on very different characters (Single Mic-IR's or together in a mix), you have so many possibilities to use them with every Amp you want. I never had such a "realistic" feeling. These IR's are a "must have"!


                                    Absolut "sauber" gemachte IR's: klare Bässe, durchsetzungskräftige Mitten und brilliante Höhen ohne "Fizz". Ich nutze diese IR's im AXE FX2 zusammen mit Marshall-Amps (Crunch, Rock), Fender-Amps (Clean, Funk) und Engl-Amps (Solo) jeweils in unterschiedlichem IR-Mix. Die einzelnen IR's, bzw. im Mix bieten durch ihren unterschiedlichsten Charakter für jeden Amp eine geniale Lösung. Absolute Kaufempfehlung!


                                      Problemlos per Paypal bezahlt und sofort downgeloaded ohne Probleme. Die IR´s klingen sehr sauber in allen Frequenzbereichen, die Sounds im AxeFx II klingen toll aus, die Box spricht sehr schnell an und klingt sehr "rockig", ähnlich einer Marshallbox, aber offener im oberen Frequenzbereich. Die einzelnen Singlemikrophone klingen sehr gut ausbalanciert, wohl mit kundiger Hand und geübten Ohren gesetzt. Aber auch die fertigen Mixe erlauben einen absolutes "Plug and Play" ohne viel am Amp/Axe schrauben zu müssen. Absolute Empfehlung für viele Soundbereiche!


                                        These IR´s of the Orange-Cab work great with the AxeFx II. They sound absolut clear, well balanced, great sustain and help to create a great, realistic guitarsound. With the the Quantum-Firmware in the Axe its really plug and play. Absolut easy to start directly with the Mixcabs, but also the single-mics shooting was very carefully, I think. And it sounds like a very good Marshall cab - it really rocks with many amps!

                                        • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

                                        If i could i would give it 644 stars, believe it or not there are literally enough IRs to play almost 2 years everyday another IR only from this Pack alone ! 2,3 cent per IR shure about that? ;) I take em all, and the future ones as well, keep it coming cabIR. I'm in :)


                                          Ich hab mir das 48/24-170 Format der Orange geladen und das 500er für die DAW. Mit Cab-Lab 3 ganz fix konvertiert und dann kam der Hammer! Ich bin beim Testen erst mal nur im Overview-Ordner hängen geblieben. Der ist ja schon mal sowas von geil!!! Da gibt es keine IR, die nicht gut klingt. Hab einfach nur verschiedenste Amp-Types im AXE FX damit ausprobiert. Die Box eignet sich ja wirklich fast für alle Typen. Sie klingt sowas von direkt und ausgewogen. Ich bin begeistert!!! In den nächsten Tagen werde ich mir mal die Single-Mics zu Gemüte führen. Bin gespannt, was da noch so geht.

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                                            SPEAKER CABINET IMPULSE RESPONSE LIBRARY

                                            based on a `71er Orange™ 4x12“ guitar cabinet, loaded with Celestion™ G12H30 „pulsonic cone“ speakers from 1971.